Developing Auckland's Rail Transport

The Developing Auckland’s Rail Transport (DART) project, was a major initiative that saw the upgrade of Auckland’s railway network. This included:

  • Track duplication of the Western Line

  • New Lynn Trench

  • Newmarket Station upgrade

  • Re-opening of the Onehunga Branch Line.

The project began in the early 2000’s, but by 2006 it became apparent to project directors that significant access provided a real challenge. DC Signals was still in its infancy at this stage, but was engaged by the project to assist with access and protection issues. DC Signals recognised that the Ontrack (now KiwiRail) rules and protection regulations were insignificant for this type of work. DC Signals worked with the project team in developing and implementing Type A, B C and D worksites. This became a critical component of the project where a majority of works was undertaken during day time hours in conjunction with metro services running. DC Signals quickly developed into New Zealand’s first independent protection provider. We broke barriers where staff were enabled to enhance their training capabilities (something that was previously limited to Ontrack staff). The successful completion of the project saw DC Signals reputation as a reliable protection supplier set in stone and would be the start of bigger projects on the horizon.