North Canterbury Transport Infrastructure Recovery

On the 14th of November 2016 a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck the South Island region of Kaikoura causing utter devastation to the roading  and rail infrastructure. Once the government committed to the repair, DC Signals was summoned by NCTIR, (a joint venture between NZTA and KiwiRail), to assist with the massive repair job of the Main North Line Railway. DC Signals supplied a dedicated team who relocated to Kaikoura in order to assist with this project. On top of this DC Signals employed local personnel who were affected by the economic hardship the region went through. The local staff were provided the opportunity to learn under the guidance of some of New Zealand’s best railway protectors.

While initially there were no (revenue) trains operating, the magnitude of work was something never seen in the South Island prior. DC Signals staff successfully managed the challenge of looking after:

  • Work trains

  • Mobile track maintenance vehicles

  • Hi-rail vehicles

  • Contractors with no past experience working in the railway environment

  • Track maintenance teams

  • These challenges were enhanced in mid 2017 when (revenue trains) began operating.

DC Signals also provided resourcing to the NCTIR planning office. These personnel took the planning capabilities of the project to a new level inclusive of detailed plans, stakeholder management and strong communication to relevant parties. DC Signals recognises that strong planning is the key to reducing the risk of operational incidents.

Photo: first revenue train 736 traveling along the MNL since the November 2016 Earthquake.